Ngaio Scout Group 
Huntleigh and Pearse Scout Troops - Thursday & Friday


Do stuff yourselves! Build a campfire, cook a meal, pitch a tent and sleep in it. Scouts learn how to take care of themselves, and how to look out for others too. Our scouts do activities in the community also. Scouts runs between 7:00pm - 9:00pm every Thursday during the School Term



Biking, canoeing, basic first aid, what to do in an emergency, building, ropes, tools, games, contests, using a map and compass, nature, hobbies, going on a "brass monkey" camp, being a good leader planning and living your own adventure.



Scouting is international. People from many different faiths and countries belong. You could meet some of them at Jamboree. One day you could be representing New Zealand overseas.
Our Scout section has two troops - Land Scouts Thursday 7-9pm and Air Scouts Friday 7-9pm.